Sunday, September 7, 2008

Remember These?

I had mentioned that I was going to list some awhile back. The ones I was going to list in my shop sold very quickly to some friends. So I have some more now that I have put in my etsy shop. I am getting ready to be make a few more for the holidays for some friends. I will gladly accept custom requests.

Check them out...I am hoping to add some other creations in the near future, too.

Schools in...

and I can tell in a number of ways:

We are getting up ridiculously early in the morning so the kids can be at the bus stop at 7 a.m.

Cross Country practice everyday until 5.

They both battled a cold about a week ago.

Endless requests for help with homework.

Yesterday morning Alliyah woke up with Pink Eye.

Lots of checks written for school-related expenses.

Here is our little sweetie. These were taken yesterday. Hasn't she grown so much in the last month? It still amazes me. She is up to 9 Lbs., 4 Oz. She doesn't know she was a preemie. Ha! I cannot get over the fact that it has been almost two months since she made her arrival...

Did you know that today is Grandparent's Day? That is how I "guilted" Ian into bringing her to see us. He is such a good son and a great daddy too. It's so cool to watch your kids grow up and see their roles change. I am so proud of him!