Saturday, June 28, 2008

I had decided to go ahead and make some of these frame books. I like how they are turning out. This one is for a lady at work. She wanted one for her granddaughter's photos and one for her grandson's photos as well. I will post the masculine version later. So much to load up! People who have seen these are really liking them, so I am going to list a few here :

This one was made with lots of K & Co. They are definately one of my most favorite scrapbooking companies!

Trying to get back to writing this blog. Sometimes life gets so hectic and I forget what is going on around me. Then when it slows down a bit I find that I wish I had taken a breath and caught some of it. I know I need to live more in the moment. It is so true that we are always getting ready for something.

Lately my "something" is the granddaughter who is soon to join our family. I am eagerly anticipating the new little one. Isn't it great how a baby can create so much joy and so much to look forward to?

What I am not looking forward to is Brenden leaving for camp tomorrow for a week. Even though the kids aren't babies anymore, I still find it hard to let go even for a week. I know he is struggling with it a little too. So I am keeping my inner thoughts to myself. Because truly, I want him to go and have a blast. One he comes home Alliyah will leave for camp for a week. It is nice that they are getting a break from one another though. Lots of arguing and all around bickering happening around here lately.