Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tightening the budget

As I am sure that many people are. Life just feels so uncertain in many ways these days.

I find myself constantly looking for a bargain and really just not spending anything without a coupon. Today it was groceries. I was able to purchase $73.57 worth of groceries for $11.30 using coupons. It felt great to be able to save so much! Now of course it took planning and there was a bit of time involved, but it proved to be so worthwhile.

Here is what came home with me:

Not bad right?

And yesterday with the same thought in mind, I decided it was time to make good use of my scrapbooking supplies. I had purchased some Halloween items for 75% off and wanted to put them to use. Just because it is a holiday theme product doesn't mean you can only use it for those photos. At least in my book. So I found a way to stretch my scrapbooking dollar, also.

This was fun to create and I am glad to be using things that would otherwise likely sit and wait to be used for a themed project.

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