Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another weekend...Gone

I am hanging on to the last moments of summer break which seem to be flying by. On August 15th, I will have a 7th and an 8th grader. (GASP!) Monty and I will also celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. It is all hard to believe.

This weekend we visited the zoo. For awhile I remember actually dreading yet another visit to the zoo. For the majority of the kids' elementary school years, the end of the year field trip was always the zoo. So I would go at least 2 times each year and often we would go at Halloween time for Boo at the Zoo. This year, I was actually looking forward to going though. There were new exhibits and a new sky ride, too. Grandma Hinton's company picnic was there and it was in the evening. I had hoped the temperature would begin to drop before we arrived. That really didn't happen. When we left the zoo around 9 pm, it was still about 84 degrees. I hope the heat breaks soon! We are melting here!

And here is a couple week old photo of my little cuppy-cake. I will get some new photos tomorrow when she comes to visit us!

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