Saturday, August 16, 2008

So it has been...

a whirlwind of a week! Last weekend on a perfect Sunday morning, on a reservoir in Boulder, at the crack of dawn:

The kids and I watched Monty participate in his very first triathlon.

It was really a proud moment for me to watch my husband cross the finish line! I totally admire his perseverance and his example to our kids and to me. He had set a personal goal of finishing in 6 hours and 30 minutes. He finished at 5 hours and 41 minutes. Amazing.

This is in preparation for The Ironman Florida which is happening 1 November. Just a few months away. The training has been really time consuming and I have to admit we have hit some rough patches. It isa little difficult to be supportive of something that takes up so much of our family time. Especially when your husband is a Locomotive Engineer and spends a good deal of time away anyway. So I am trying to work on it. But I am definitely a proud wife!!

Yesterday, the kids went back to school. Although I couldn't take photos because the weather was being unccoperative. 54 degrees and raining is not good picture weather. So hopefully Monday morning will be a little warmer and drier. Although after today I'm not holding my breath.Ha! Their first day seems to have gone pretty well. But they started on a Friday and so next week they will be back in full swing!

Yesterday, Monty and I also celebrated our 16th anniversary. Every year it is hard to believe that another one has gone by. We decided to celebrate in the Fall/Winter with a ski trip. Last year we were unable to go because Brenden had broken his leg. So we have high hopes for this year! We did however enjoy a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

I know I can't sign off without some pictures of our little sweetheart. These are from earlier this week:

I am off to cook dinner. Hope you are having a great Saturday!!!

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